glimpse of the history of the district Melawi

Melawi District is one of the recently formed a new district. Melawi District is a division of Sintang. In accordance with the letter of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 135/1213/SJ dated May 21, 2004 Subject Technical Implementation Guidance 13 (thirteen) of the Law on the establishment of 24 (twenty four) District, where Melawi District is one of 24 new districts established by the Government.

Basic Formation is Melawi District Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 34 year 2003 regarding establishment Melawi District and District Sekadau in West Kalimantan. Inauguration together Melawi District 23 (twenty three) other districts and 13 (thirteen) Province conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs on January 7, 2004 in Jakarta.

Establishment Melawi District aims to realize the aspirations of the people who thrive in Sintang to improve services to the community in the areas of governance, and social development. To support the main tasks of governance, development and social question, the following first Melawi Acting Regent by the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 131.41-16 year 2003 on appointment of the Acting Regent Melawi on behalf of Drs. A. SUMAN Pock, MM were inaugurated on January 14, 2004 by the Governor of West Kalimantan. For the first time the Acting Regent Melawi assisted by nine (9) persons by virtue of a Civil Service job Sintang 824/045/BKD-C number dated January 20, 2004.


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